Another year, another redesign.

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Nine months after my last update here, I found myself having to throw away my old Movable Type installation and start from scratch - I don't want to know how, but the MySQL table with the entries in it had just vanished, I suspect due to upgrading.. issues somewhere. Anyway, it's a good thing, as it had been broken for 6 months (hence the lack of updates) and was exceptionally crufty.

So here we go again, tabula rasa, the uncarved block, the utter simplicity of a blank page from which to start anew. Except, of course, that the old stuff is all still there in the static archives because it's linked to by a few people, so the tabula's already a bit less rasa. To make the tabula not rasa at all and in fact more like tabula cluttered, there's even still the archived copy of my old, old website which dates back over 10 years and about 3 jobs and which contains many embarrassing old pieces of my soul.

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