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I've become a big fan of Google Reader recently as a replacement for standalone RSS readers. As a result, you may have noticed a feed of my shared items from Reader - that's the ones I think are interesting enough to share with people -  now appears down one side of this page - if you prefer a direct link, there's one right here. So if you want to know what's preoccupying my mind, it's right here - a cavalcade of sciency stuff, lolcats and puerile internet memes. A fairly accurate map of my brain, all told.

I guess this is why I don't post here as often as I wish I could. There's so much stuff already available on the Internet these days piped right into Reader that I find it hard to believe there are many original things left out there to say. And even if there are, how can they compete with pictures of cats with witty captions?

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Hmm, I use google reader and it hasn't picked up on your shared items....

.... I wonder, which details do I need to feed into reader to pick up your shared items?

Are you seeing mine?

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