The apartment is fuller now.

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The majority of the stuff from our house in the UK finally arrived yesterday. We'd been holding off on the actual move until we knew what was coming and what was staying, which meant that I started out here with a futon and a couple of chairs, adding a few more bits of furniture but not really having what could be described as a full set of stuff. Worse than that, most of my DVD collection was still in Britain.

There had been a bit of a delay in getting the container here from the UK, so it was a week later planned. When I got the word that delivery was due from 0800 on Monday 20th I figured that well, I'd have to get up early, and decided that 0715 was a good safe time for which to set the alarm. That way I could get up, have a cup of tea, and get my brain in gear before the movers descended on the place.

The alarm went off at 0715, and I woke up feeling bleary due to having had a poor night's sleep (no idea why). I got up, put the kettle on, threw on some clothes, and explained to the cat that no, he couldn't go out as I was going to shut him in the bathroom while the movers were here (with food and water and comfy things to sleep on. I'm not a savage). Having poured boiling water on the teabag I ambled across the apartment to open the front shutters and let the light in. Imagine, if you can, my surprise to see a large truck parked right outside and five movers marching up the path to our front door at 0725...

Fortunately, people in Switzerland are used to work starting early (it's generally acceptable for construction work and similiar things to start from about 7 in the morning) so I knew the neighbours wouldn't be too furious. The supervising mover introduced himself to me, the movers marched in with many a Guete Morge and a handshake, and I just decided to stay the hell out of the way and only answer questions if I was needed to.

Having laid down floor protection stuff the movers went to work in a crazy world of furious activity. Boxes were carried in, furniture was brought in and reassembled, and one guy was out on the front porch assembling the two bikes we'd had moved. Kitchen stuff was being unpacked and stacked in cupboards. Other than one fairly brief smoke break after two hours, during which I took the opportunity to fortify myself with coffee as I could get to the kitchen, they worked flat-out for four hours. 

At the end of the four hours I had a huge pile of stuff on the bed and a huge pile of stuff on my desk (nowhere to put them - we still need more bedroom furniture and an industrial quantity of bookshelves), the boxes and packing materials had gone, and the movers were done. More handshakes and they were gone. It was like something out of a Dr Seuss book - the Cat in the Hat showed up, caused chaos, and then put everything back where it belonged.

Now I have my own bed to sleep in. That's a good thing to have. 

On the other hand, I have a lot of plugs to swap for Swiss ones - even if you can get around a lot of that problem by rewiring British power strips with Swiss plugs. Swiss plugs are mildly terrifying - three-pin affairs which look like something from the 1950s with unsleeved pins and which are, naturally, incompatible with anyone else's (even if 2-pin Europlugs will fit Swiss sockets). You can even get the kind of multiblock mains splitter plugs which feature heavily in British fire safety films and which are now all but banned in the UK - you know the sort, where the kettle / toaster / electric fire / etc etc are all plugged into the one socket through a wobbly multiplug, with a frayed cable leading to conflagration and a stern lecture from Shaw Taylor. That said, the electrics in this apartment are well protected by both overcurrent and earth leakage breakers.. and anyway, I'd rather use power strips than multiblocks.

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