Swiss iPad tariffs, compared

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So, the latest Apple Jesus-pad is coming to Switzerland (and some other European countries) at the end of this month. If you want to use the 3G version the data plan situation is a little confusing - Apple's online store only shows you the Orange offering, while their actual product pages also list Swisscom as having iPad tariffs. My personal choice here would be to go with Swisscom as their 3G coverage is better, but before making a call I thought it would be wise to compare the two offerings.

Swisscom's NATEL data easy flex tariffs are simpler and a little cheaper:
  • Fr5 per calendar day used (100MB)
  • Fr19 per month (300MB)
  • Fr39 per month (2GB)
  • The charge for a SIM is Fr19.90, including Fr20 credit.

Orange Internet Everywhere Prepay for iPad is more confusing, but might be better for heavyweight users:
  • Fr5 per calendar day used, unlimited data (3 days inclusive with SIM purchase)
  • Fr10 monthly plus 3.50 per calendar day 
  • Fr49 monthly for unlimited data
  • Fr59 monthly for unlimited data, inclusing 2500 minutes of access to wireless hotspots at home and abroad
  • A SIM costs Fr10 if you buy it from the Apple store, but is currently on special offer at the Orange online store for Fr5.
  • If you're young (under 27) or a student, Orange also have the Internet Everywhere Young option that provides unlimited data for Fr39/month.
Roaming gets a bit more complex. In general, both offerings can be summarised as "you'll get reamed", but Orange do have a deal for light roaming users - first 2MB for Fr4 daily. Swisscom's are a little more complex - trying to work out which is better for varying usage patterns gives me a headache, but assuming Swisscom's World Option flex is available on the iPad plans, that's probably better assuming you roam more often than once a month.

Which is better? Probably not much difference each way for everyday use.

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