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I'm only really posting this because I hope I've found a functional blog posting tool for the iPad (Blogpress), I want to try it out, and I'm being prevented from going to bed by the fact that the cat sauntered out a while ago and hasn't yet returned. Having no cat flap sometimes means my sleep patterns are somewhat at the mercy of a small furry tyrant. 

In other news - well, still no iPad buyer's remorse, regardless of how hard some folk have tried to convince me to have some. It really does do pretty much everything I usually want to do when I'm not at my desk, plus it's smaller and massively more portable than a laptop, with better battery life. I could certainly see myself going for a week away (a non-work week away) with just the pad and no laptop. "You can get a laptop for the same money" misses the point, I think - if I wanted to carry a laptop (couple of kilos, needs space to open up, limited battery life) I would, but for the times when I don't the Everything-Slab is the ideal companion machine. 

...and moreover, one really big win is that in most countries you don't have to take it out of your bag at airport security. Given that at pretty much all airports other than Z├╝rich and maybe Schiphol the very concept of airport security fills me with rage, that's pretty much worth the price of admission by itself. It's worth it to give the screeners at Heathrow one less thing to bark at me about.

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